The New Forest

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Spent this morning in the New Forest.

Some 35 odd years ago, Margaret’s parents used to take holidays in a little cottage in Burley. We used to go to stay with them for long weekends. So began our affection for the area. We last visited the New Forest about 20 years ago, staying in Lymington. We decided to revisit both of these.

Burley hasn’t changed in the slightest.

Most of the shops are exactly as they were. In some of them, we thought that, probably, some of their stock had also been there on our last visit. Still a very pretty little village.

Lymington also was pretty much unchanged as well. It’s a much busier place and, on Saturdays, has a street market. Lively and bustling, and in warm sunny weather, a great place to be (after you manage to find somewhere to park!).

The lane at the end of the High Street leads down to a very pretty harbour. Watching kids fishing for (and catching) crabs from the quayside is great. Such a joy watching kids really engaged and excited by a old-fashioned pastime that doesn’t involve anything electronic.

In the afternoon, Margaret went to a friend’s birthday party (our motivation for coming to Dorset) whilst I stayed at Home Farm relaxing or playing with the house dogs.