Llanstadwell, Sir Benfro

6th-9th July, 2021

7th July, 2021 - St David’s City & St Bride’s Bay

8th July, 2021 - Hilton Court, Camrose, Haverfordwest

Defying earlier forecasts, the Sun made an appearance and the temperature reached near sensible levels for July. Not exactly sunscreen weather, but enough to make some touring around much easier.

St David’s is Britain’s smallest city (pop. 1600 in 2011) and is the resting place of Wales’ Patron Saint. There have been religious buildings there even before the Cathedral was first built in the 12th Century (circa. 1183 CE). The cathedral is massive and very beautiful, both inside and out, with splendid views across the hills beyond. However, located in a deep “hollow” visiting provides an opportunity for an impromptu cardio-vascular workout!!

The small village (sorry City) is also quite charming so we enjoyed some strolling and sight-seeing.

We then travelled back to Llanstadwell via some of the small seaside “havens” on St Bride’s Bay: extremely long beaches, popular with surfers and narrow “havens”, once boltholes for ships in bad weather.

Back home, we’re getting ready to watch England in the Euro semi-finals. Now Wales is out they’re our “fallback” team.

Another sunny day! What’s gone wrong? This is a Welsh summer.

We stumbled upon a “gardens” described as a “hidden gem”. Well done Google. This is one of the most tranquil places we’ve been. Not that big, but so relaxing we spent well over 3 hours there.

With all the lily pads in the lake, it reminded us of Monet’s garden in Giverney, but without half the population of Beijing cluttering up the place.

Comfortable garden chairs were dotted around (not the usual hard wooden benches) perfect for a picnic. There were also independent artisans’ studios making pottery and artworks. Reinvigoration for the Soul.

9th July 2021 - Back Home

As the weather had turned a bit overcast and miserable, we decided that, instead of touring around on our way home, we’d return by the direct route. 

An excellent few days in Pembrokeshire.