Tuesday, 9 August 2022


On this morning’s animal rota… Goats trying to climb trees!

Today we kept our promise to ourselves to do little other than relax, so we made the 10 minute journey to Tregaron. There’s a very good gift shop there. We were looking for a sheep (soft toy, not grass muncher) as our grand-daughter is fascinated by them. (Baa-baa-baa). True to form, they had a really good one and a bi-lingual book as that’s the plan for her going forward.

Nearby, is Llandewi Brefi *, the “starting point” for Wales’ Patron Saint, so we though we’d take a look. Nothing much to see (well, it was 1500 years ago). However, on the edge of the village there was a strange but attractive display of scarecrows in the form of a Bardic Gorsedd Circle - probably a school project to celebrate the National Eisteddfod, which had been held in Tregaron last week.

Back at the farm for lunch and then doing as little as possible, just watching the animals come and go in the glorious sunshine.

* The Synod of Brefi was a church council held at Llanddewi Brefi in Ceredigion, Wales, around 560ce. The synod was apparently called in order to condemn the heretical teachings of Pelagius, although this is far from certain. It was an important milestone in the rise of Saint David (Dewi Sant). The story goes that Saint Paulinus persuaded Saint Dubricius, the senior bishop there, to allow David (Dewi), then just a minor abbot, to address the crowd. His words were so eloquent that Dubricius retired in David's (Dewi’s) favour.

The village’s name translates as “David’s Church on the [River] Brefi.”