A gentle start today, 10am, to visit the hill top town of Assisi. Yes, another hill top but only two escalators!

It’s an enchanting place, with more churches than seemed possible, although the reason’s obvious. Large numbers of nuns, priests and monks were strolling around, many, it seemed, from distant shores.  Assisi is a “Place of Pilgrimage” and it’s Sunday.

It’s also, yet again, very steep in places. Many of the streets were so steep they were flights of steps rather than roadways. With a touch of regret, we weren’t able to visit the locations at the very summit. However, we saw and admired plenty. We found our way into the back streets, not a soul in sight; what a beautiful place to live (for the fit and healthy).

The tourist areas were busy, but at an ideal level; enough to add an atmosphere but not enough to crowd out the experience. The temperature climbed to around a largely breeze-free 25ºC. The many pavement cafés, for snacks, rest and rehydration, were a welcome haven from the heat.

Four hours very well spent.


Sunday, 11 September 2022