Another hill top town, the steepest so far, and not an escalator in sight! So steep, in fact, that we abandoned the proffered route, walked down again, circuited the walls, and found another road that was at least a few more degrees off vertical!

The shame of it all was that having reached base-camp - a largely flat area - there wasn’t really much there to impress. We heard that nearer the summit (!) it was more scenic. We’ll never know. The safety & sanity of pavement cafés and window shopping won the day.

Our next stop was at Lake Trasimeno, at a reassuringly flat lakeside town. It’s Italy’s 4th largest lake and is a very restful place. It has the feel of somewhere that might have a buzz in high season and with some very high-end lakeside restaurants, have an upmarket nightlife all year round. Not a lot to do in shoulder season September, but the gelato was excellent!

Along the promenade, at a distance we saw a gun emplacement. How weird! We went over to take a closer look. It turned out to be a massive risotto (paella) pan, with a wood burning fire pit below it. There’s probably a festival at some time during the year.

We enjoyed the sunshine and Tuscan/Umbrian ambience, but not, perhaps, a day we’d hasten to repeat.

Cortona &  Passignano sul Trasimeno

Monday, 12 September 2022