At Sea - Our Golden Anniversary 

Friday, 20 October 2023

A quiet, but busy, day at sea, sailing from Chioggia to Bari, Puglia.

After breakfast, a little bit of shopping, an opportunity to learn about the labyrinth of complexities that are the Italian VAT refund rules. No point in trying to explain them, other than to say, “It’s Italy… that explains everything!”.

Lunch was followed by a few on-board activities; nothing more strenuous than sitting down and listening to various people talk and show slides… interesting, mostly.

The Viking Explorers’ Society get-together happened late afternoon and, to add to our Golden Wedding day, it turned out that we were the “most cruised” guests. Kind words, a few photos and a small gift. A nice little extra on a special day. Isn’t it amazing that once it’s known it’s your anniversary, it seems like every American on board comes over to congratulate you - so very kind.

Dinner was in Manfredi’s Italian. A super meal with attentive service and another cream filled cake (arteries at risk!) with fizz served for desert. Viking are insisting that our anniversary is celebrated to the max!

We finished the evening off with a show in the Star Theatre.  A pianist/vocalist by the name of Harrison Treble. He took songs by so many of the great piano/vocalists, Elton John, Billy Joel, Jerry Lee lewis, et al, made them his own and elevated them beyond the original versions. Very possibly the most accomplished live performance we’ve seen in very many a long year.

A super day, end to end.