Naples, Campania

Tuesday, 24 October 2023

Exactly four years ago, almost to the minute, we took exactly the same excursion (by its title) as we did today. What an improvement.

Naples is never going to be somewhere to where we’d want to return. It’s choked with traffic and every street is lined with parked cars. Our guide explained that the public transport system is useless, drawing attention to one underground metro station still under construction after 20 years. Added to that, the local police force closes streets at random for no known reason (we encountered 2 diversions). The central area is one large traffic jam.

We travelled to the top of one of the many very steep hills that make up metropolitan Naples for some spectacular views across the Bay and then back to the centre for a short tour and a little free time. On a warm (23ºC) sunny day, the excursion made the best of what Naples has to offer for sightseeing.

It’s time to start packing (a spectator sport for me) ready for our overnight sailing to Rome and the journey home.