Rome to Home

Wednesday, 25 October 2023

In total contrast to the outward journey, this was one of the smoothest journeys in a long while.

An easy transfer from Civitavecchia to Fumincino (Rome) Airport. Quick and friendly (!!) security screening, almost on time departure and arrival in Amsterdam, a short distance (for AMS) between gates and no queue whatsoever at passport control.

This was repeated on the next flight. Up and away almost on time, arrived in Cardiff to a new gate with a ramp transfer to the terminal (not the usual steps), no delay at all at passport control, bags on the carousel within 10 minutes and the taxi waiting outside.

This rounded off a near perfect way to spend our Golden Anniversary week. We met previous crew with whom we’d become friends. Our fellow travellers were good to mix with and, apart from a few “unique” guides, we enjoyed our off-ship excursions.

Crossing into Wales: River Severn & Bridges from the Plane