Stavanger, Norway

Sunday, 22 May 2022

Sunny Stavanger? Unheard of!

We docked early, for just a morning stopover.  It’s Sunday so almost all the shops are closed, except for those around the harbour area.

We went off for an early morning stroll. It’s a charming place, and one can imagine during weekdays (if sunny) it would be a bustling town centre. We’re one of three cruise ships docked. The other two are monstrous sea-going cities (MSC &. Aida), so by 11am it was bustling anyway!

We went back out late morning for a little bit of shopping. Margaret had spotted an incredibly lightweight down-filled jacket in a window and the quayside shop had now opened. They’d have been idiots not to with three ships in port! We did come across one oddly named store (see photos for details!)

The weather was good enough for lunch out on deck. Food tastes even better in the fresh air.

We’re sailing at 1pm for Oslo, the next 24 hours are at sea. Who knows? Maybe the sun will keep shining!