Copenhagen, Denmark

Thursday, 26 May 2022

We were cursed by the European need for public holidays. Today, throughout Scandinavia is “Ascension Day”, a public holiday. No wonder Danes and Norwegians don’t go to church, but register to pay religious taxes. Days off work!!!

We took the shuttle bus into the centre and then a taxi to the Tivoli Gardens area. Public holiday… queues miles long to get the kids out from under foot! Plans revised, we decided to stroll back to King’s Square, where we’d been dropped off.

With intermittent sunshine and an occasional brief sprinkle of rain, it proved a good choice. It’s a very clean, pretty city, with lots of interesting architecture and the vast majority of central streets closed to traffic.

We returned to the ship around lunch time and settled in for a quiet afternoon, as Margaret’s feeling a bit “off colour”. We’d brought our own test kits, so, no, it’s not that!