Warnemünde, Germany

Friday, 27 May 2022

Thursday Evening

As we left Copenhagen, we sailed very close to the Øresund Bridge which links Copenhagen with Malmö, Sweden.

“The Bridge” (Broen: Danish, Bron: Swedish)  is the theme of, maybe, the best crime noir series I’ve ever viewed on TV. You need to be willing to read sub-titles!

Friday Morning

We docked very early so around 400 people could take a chartered train for a 12+ hour excursion to Berlin. We stayed in Warnemünde and strolled around. It was mostly sunny and breezy, but with a few short, very sharp showers. It’s our second visit here and we think it really is a lovely place if you wanted a seaside holiday in Germany (someone somewhere does!)

Friday Afternoon

In the afternoon we set off to visit the ancient minster at Bad Doberan. I’m not a great one for church architecture, but this place really grabbed my attention. It dates back to circa 1200ce and is distinguished by spectacular architecture and some of the most ostentatious tombs imaginable.

From there we travelled on to the seaside town of Khlungsborn for “coffee and cake” before boarding the Molli Heritage Railway back to Bad Doberan. Now that was an experience!

The heavens opened as we arrived at levels not experienced since Noah’s plans came to fruition. The bakery venue had become a fall-out shelter for everyone in the area and the ensuing chaos changed a potentially relaxing break into level 7 of Dante’s Inferno. A fight to get in, get served and get out again!

The railway journey was, however, far more successful. Reserved carriages. Beautifully restored locomotives and pretty scenery. The only oddity was that when it reached Bad Doberan, it travelled down the centre of the main street much to the frustration of motorists trapped behind it.

All together, an exhausting but rewarding day.