Créteil to Montpellier

Tuesday 16 May 2023

Following a pretty good breakfast, we set off for Montpellier at 08:30. Paris’ rue Peripherique lived up to its dire reputation, but after about a ½ hour of traffic that beggared belief, we found the open road. The weather started off with warm sunshine and broken cloud; by early afternoon it had clouded over and temperatures fell to levels best enjoyed by polar bears and Inuits. It was seriously cold. Not le metro français as advertised, by any means!

It took another 2½ hours to reach Millau, during which time we experienced all 4 seasons, including thick misty rain at the height of the Tarn Gorge. Even in these conditions, the scenery was magnificent. When we reached Millau, springtime had returned and provided warm sunshine to view what is the world’s tallest suspension bridge; the Millau Viaduct, during a 30 minute break. We then crossed it on the final leg, to arrive at our hotel in Montpellier 90 minutes later, just after 19:00.

This Novotel’s rooms are even better than last nights! This one has a Nespresso coffee machine, bathrobes, slippers, a fridge with fresh milk and a television the size of most cinema screens!!!! We’re off to dinner now, hoping the food matches the accommodation.

And it was. Far better than any meal perviously served at an overnight hotel. Soup, spiced chicken kebabs with beautiful roasted fingerling potatoes, chocolate mouse topped with a vanilla gelato; good local red wine. All cooked to perfection. WOW!!!

Tomorrow, a leisurely 09:15 start… Perfect.