Tempio Pausania, Calangianus & Porto Cervo

Wednesday, 24 May 2023

The weather today showed how local it can be on Sardinia. It changed from full sun to overcast and rain in 10 miles and then changed back again. Fortunately the good stuff followed us to where we were stopping (mostly).

Today was, in effect, a sightseeing day. We visited Tempio Pausania, a pleasant but unremarkable place. It did offer an excellent simple pasta lunch at a ridiculously low cost and a closed station where antique rolling stock was being stored in the hope of opening a rail museum.

The very small town of Calangianus provided a fascinating insight to the production of cork goods, a key part of the local economy. Wonderfully, not a Disney-style fake show but a small local producer showing us, herself, how things were done. Great experience.

We then moved on to Porto Cervo, a specifically designed and built town for the very rich and wannabe famous, established by the Aga Khan in the mid 1960’s. To me it seemed like an out of town shopping mall, except that only internationally renowned designer brands were allowed to darken its terracotta façades and we, the plebs, should not cross their gilded portals. Good gelato, however (at designer prices!)

Back at the hotel for 18:15, ready for dinner, checking out and a final day touring Sardinia tomorrow before a late evening overnight ferry to Livorno on the Italian mainland.