Macon to Paris & Tour

Saturday, 27 May 2023

Another 288 miles today, but with a bonus thrown in.

Not part of the itinerary, but because there was time, the crew added a trip into Paris. They’d booked a Seine river boat cruise and then took us on a drive around to see many more of Paris’ iconic sights.

The river boat was massive; hard to guess how many passengers (maybe 300) were on board and the queues for it were huge. At €18 a ticket, they must take tens of thousands every day.

We had pre-booked tickets so we didn’t queue (other than to board) and were able to stroll around the Eiffel Tower area instead of just standing in line. Despite the numbers on board, seating was very well organised and everyone had a clear view of the sights. Live commentary in French and English.

After the cruise, we were taken on a drive-by of the sights… good to view but no chance to make photo-stops, except at the Trocadero for a good view of the Eiffel Tower.

Our hotel (Oceania) is at CDG airport. It claims 4 stars as it has a pool, fitness centre and sauna. The rooms don’t get any stars. They’re clean and functional but are small and poorly designed. It’s epitomises so much of modern French architecture. Lots of glass and white melamine. Everything more hipster than everything else. None of it practical to use.

It’s a stupid early start tomorrow; we leave the hotel at 06:30 - breakfast 05:30, alarm at 04:45. Our ferry’s at noon and given that there are public holidays both sides of the channel, chaos is inevitable. (As a bonus, we won’t be in the hotel for long!)