La Maddalena Islands    

Monday, 22 May 2023

What a difference a day makes (cue song?). Today the clouds broke up by about 08:00 and gave way to perfect blue skies with fair weather clouds. Temperature climbed to around 26ºC. Perfect weather for a perfect day.

We set off at 08:45 for a short, 45 minute, drive to Palau to catch a ferry to La Maddelena, the main inhabited island of the small island group just off the north-east corner of Sardinia. It’s a very short crossing of about 20 minute to get across.

It’s simply stunning. We were given an island tour, stopping at a few of its many beaches, all small, all unspoilt. Not an ice cream or souvenir stand in sight. Just a patch of sand and the clearest emerald green/blue water imaginable. You could just drive up, park (free) in a lay-by, take some loungers and an ice box from the car and soak up the island’s natural beauty.

The town of La Maddelena follows in the same vein. Laid back, spotlessly clean and (to our total amazement) not set up for tourist rip-offs. For example: Lunch. Two of the largest, most delicious, wood fired pizza ever seen, soft drinks and service charge - €25.

It’s historic claim to fame is its links to Garibaldi, an important figure in Italian history (and famous for his biscuits in the UK 😂) There are quite a few statues of the great man around the town and an opportunity to share a bench with him.

The ferry and coach had us back at the hotel for 17:00. A well earned opportunity to rest and relax before dinner at 19:30.