Paris to Home  

Sunday, 28 May 2023

Everything as usual for a final Leger day.

A very early start, improved, this time, with an exceptionally good breakfast.  A trek across northern France to Calais. A painfully slow process at the French and UK borders. P&O ferry crossing (bonus: some very good whisky on sale at below ½ UK price). An interminably long interchange at Stop-24, Folkestone. A tour of southern England with a 45 minute “driver’s mandatory rest break”. However, we did arrive in Cardiff an hour ahead of schedule and our local taxi firm’s car arrived at exactly the same time as the coach.

It’s been a really good holiday. The weather didn’t help for the first few days but that’s beyond anyone’s control. Overall, the hotels were of a very high standard and the excursions mostly well worth the time.

Corsica is not as good as Sardinia (I know, I’m Franco-phoebic). It, by comparison, was overpriced and destinations over-hyped. Sardinia is much more relaxed and its topography, whilst still mountainous, does have far fewer mountain roads to navigate. However, both islands are small places, the towns and villages are, therefore, small without any especially “spectacular” features and all rely on tourism. For a laze-around beach, pool and sun holiday… perfect. For touring, perfect for a one-time visit.

Time to catch up on our sleep after 19 hours of travel!