London to Edinburgh

Monday, 24 July 2023

Just after 5pm, Sunday, we sailed out of London, travelling past Canary Wharf (Docklands), now home to the international banks, the O2 arena and through the Thames barrage.

We woke on Monday to authentic North Sea weather: cloudy, windy and chilly. It improved a little as the morning went on. By the afternoon, whist still breezy and chilly, the sun made an appearance through partly cloudy skies.

Our day was spent enjoying our stateroom, going to presentations on British History and Transatlantic Liners (surprisingly interesting), eating too much food and taking in the (very) fresh air on deck.

All of this was rounded off nicely with a theatre show,  Toni Warne (The Voice UK). A very good set; a bit “cruise ship” as Cowell would say, but that’s where we are! She’s doing a second show in a few days time and we’re quite looking forward to it.

Edinburgh tomorrow.