The Norwegian Sea

Friday, 28 July 2023

A surprising day at sea, as we had expected these northern waters to be wild and windy. What we encountered was (as far as the sea can be) a millpond. Smooth, calm, totally passive.

We spent the day enjoying the provided entertainment, reading books and eating far too much good food; the simple pleasures of doing nothing much at all.

During the morning we crossed the 66th parallel, the Arctic Circle.¬†¬†For the next few days, we stay in Arctic waters, visiting Honningsv√•g, Nordkapp , Troms√ł and Leknes (Lofoten Islands).¬†¬†The sea remained fairly calm with a few more waves - not enough to be noticed. Temperatures peaked around 12¬ļC, but felt quite a bit colder on deck, sailing into the breeze. The sun made occasional, if brief, appearances through the clouds. During the late afternoon and evening, the wind and sea became a bit more lively, but not enough to become ‚Äúinconvenient‚ÄĚ.

Our day on board was pretty much a repeat of Friday: food, reading, lectures and theatre shows.  Simple pastimes, simple pleasures to be enjoyed.

Tomorrow we arrive in Honningsv√•g, 71¬ļ North - about 310 miles north of the Arctic Circle!!!!!

Above the Arctic Circle

Saturday, 29 July 2023