Tromsø, Norway

Monday, 31 July 2023

We’re still 3º (200 miles) north of the Arctic Circle and the weather is beautiful. Around 21ºC by midday, clear blue skies and the faintest hint of a breeze.

We started our day, around 9am, with a bus tour around Tromsø. Plenty to see and if the (German) guide had spoken anything resembling English, we might have learnt quite a bit as well. Overall it wasn’t the best-ever tour - we didn’t much care as the sun was out and the scenery spectacular.

So far, none of the guides have been Norwegian. Perhaps they’re students with summer jobs?

We were docked right in the town centre, so, back at the ship, we headed straight into town. It’s a charming place with a lovely harbour area and decent shopping streets.

Returning to the ship for lunch, we decided that taking in the views from the balcony and enjoying the warm sunshine and very clean fresh air would make for a very good afternoon.


So here I am. 8:30pm. 

200 miles north of the Arctic Circle.

Sitting on the verandah in a short sleeve shirt, watching the most beautiful scenery go by, under a pale blue sky and fluffy clouds.

What’s going on???? It’s supposed to be cold and bleak!!