Main Island, Shetland

Thursday, 27 July 2023

Whatever we expected, it wasn’t today’s weather. Blue skies with an occasional whispy cloud. Temperatures around 16ºC, feeling even warmer in direct sun..

Neither did we expect the “Tall Ships Race 2023” to be having a stopover in Lerwick for 4 days. There were 37 beautiful vessels docked in the harbour. We had to tender to port (no spaces left!). A very small price to pay.

Then add in our tour guide. He looked like a Viking. Not surprising; we found out he’d chaired the 2017  “Up Helly Aa” festival committee. He joins in various other “Viking celebrations” in communities around the island. As a result, apart from being completely charming, he had an in depth knowledge of Island life, past and present, and communicated this with ease.

Shetland is beautiful. Simply beautiful. 

We drove around, stopping to take in yet another stunning view of the sea, bays, islands, lochs, hills, fields, pretty villages and, of course, ponies. Probably the weather helped show Shetland at its best, but we didn’t mind that  in the slightest.

We returned to Port and went straight into Lerwick to view the tall ships. They had certainly changed the dynamic of the town adding an excitement and vibrancy to what would otherwise be a slightly sleepy small town, not unlike Kirkwall on Orkney.

We saw one thing that didn’t really make sense. A man with a goat, Lucy by name. Small children were so excited to be able to give her a hug (she was a very placid, friendly goat). 

It’s been a wonderful day on Main-Island, Shetland. This evening begins a two day sailing, across the Arctic Circle to Honningsvåg, Norway,

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